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ICO & Cryptocurrencies News

Discover the finest of ICO & cryptocurrency related stories

Introducing Webcoin: Connecting Digital Marketing, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

By providing a cryptocurrency for buying and selling services within the platform, Webcoin will offer the least expensive P2P network available, at the same time guaranteeing monetary payback on web and social media engagement services.

ARCHOS launches new hardware wallet

The virtual monopoly of Ledger in hardware wallets may soon come to an end with a novelty size output of the labs of ARCHOS: the Safe-T mini! New wallet hardware: Safe-T mini Archos is a French company specializing in electronics (smartphone, tablet ...).

Visa finally clears Coinbase

Several users had complained about Reddit last week about Coinbase overbilling due to cryptocurrency purchases on the platform. Coinbase had recognized the problem and pointed out that Visa.

France and Germany call for discussions on cryptocurrencies

Senior French and German officials issued a letter urging finance executives in other countries to discuss the regulatory implications of cryptocurrencies at the upcoming G20 summit.

South Korea won't close cryptocurrencies trading platforms

The government of South Korea in early January seemed to want to regulate cryptocurrencies and close trading platforms.February 1, Seoul clarified its position. The Minister of Finance said that citizens would indeed have the right to exchange cryptocurrency.

CEO interview with Bittrex: the USD soon integrated?

Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex was interviewed by Rahul Sood of UnikrnRadio. He mentioned the development prospects of Bittrex. The most interesting news concerns the likely integration of the USD on the exchange, even if it is difficult to know if these will be accessible to individuals.

Facebook bans crypto-currencies ads

Following persistent complaints about fraudulent crypto ads, Facebook has issued a ban. According to a new decision issued on January 30, advertisements should not promote financial products and services frequently associated with fraudulent promotional practices, such as cryptocurrencies or ICOs. This initiative is sure to be well received by social network users and bitcoin enthusiasts, who recognize that these ads are far from promoting the benefits of virtual currencies.

Steve Wozniak sold his bitcoins

Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple's shadow. From a technical profile, he never liked being in the limelight, being described in the biography of Steve Jobs as a character "sickly right and honest". That might explain his aversion to finance and speculation, since disappointed by Bitcoin, he announced to have sold everything.

Dash invests in blockchain research

Dash's team just spent $ 350,000 on research for this technology. Dash is therefore heavily invested in the development of this technology.According the definition of Dash, blockchain is a decentralized, transparent and secure registry. In cryptocurrencies like Dash or Bitcoin, the blockchain plays the role of a large account book. It records all the transactions made between users and guarantees...

Belarus: legalization of cryptocurrencies

Belarus is becoming a major country in the world of cryptocurrency. Alexandre Loukachenko , the belarussian president signed a decree which will officially legalize crypto-currencies , ICO's and smart contract. This decree will be applied in March .

Tom Lee's predicts Bitcoin at 25k in 2018

Tom Lee , the founder of Fundstat , a financial and market advisory company recently made a prediction about Bitcoin on CNBC. The strategist predicted Bitcoin to reach 25k$ before the end of 2018.The strategist previusly made another prediction : he predicted the Bitcoin to reach 25k USD before 2022. So he went forward and announce a Bitcoin at 125k USD before 2022

Institutional incoming in 2018

Despite the incredible growth that the cryptocurrency market knew those past years , we can alledgely say that the crypto-currency world is only at it's beginning. There are several differences between stock market and cryptocurrency market , and one of them is the profiles of investors. While , the stock market investors tends to be more institutional , the crypto-investor tends to be ...

South Korea insider trading

In addition to rumors of cryptocurrency ban in south Korea, a insider trading in the FSS still complicates things.As at Coinbase, an employee of FSS are accused of having trade cryptocurrency while taking advantage of inside information about the government's regulatory plans. This employee would have earned more than 7 million won.

The ICO's stats of 2017

This is no doubt that 2017 was an excellent year for ICO's. We gathered statistics to show you why this year was a revolution for this sector. Despite the fact that many cryptocurrencies influencers predicted that ICO's would be a total failure , the numbers speaks for themselves launching

The team is very proud to officialy launch the website ! As everyone knows , 2018 is going to be a huge  year for cryptocurrency and ICO ( Initial Coin Offering) Our team will do their best to let you know about the most promising and exciting ICO from all around the world ! We already started to prospect , list and rank the current ICO and the website is going to change a lot during this time