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ARCHOS launches new hardware wallet


We can not say it enough, cryptocurrency space is booming. Since the industry is young, many places are still to be taken. Thus, the virtual monopoly of Ledger in hardware wallets may soon come to an end with a novelty size output of the labs of ARCHOS: the Safe-T mini! New wallet hardware: Safe-T mini Archos is a French company specializing in electronics (smartphone, tablet ...).

With an annual turnover generally around 150 million euros, Archos is a pillar (and pioneer, we owe them one of the first mp3 players) electronics in France. Safe-t mini A press release is out, presenting us with a brand new hardware wallet: the Safe-T mini! The Safe-T mini will be produced in France, and will be marketed from June 2018, priced at € 49.99.

This new product is a very serious competitor to Ledger, which until then totally crushed the market, to the point of frequent stock-outs. This new wallet will be presented at Mobile World Congress 2018 on February 26th. We've already told you about Domraider, the innovative and hyperactive French start-up, and they were the first to announce their partnership with Archos. Technical specifications The Safe-T mini comes in the form of a disk about 6 cm in diameter, and connects to a computer or phone via a micro USB cable. The user will have to choose a PIN ranging from 4 to 9 digits, create a recovery sentence (in case of loss or theft) then, the wallet will be responsible for generating and storing the private keys.

The Safe-T mini will be compatible with the following software: Electrum, MyCrypto, GreenAddress / Greenbits and Mycelium. For now, the accepted currencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash and Ethereum, but other currencies are expected.

Regarding the hardware, the wallet contains a Cortex-M3 120Mhz processor, a 128 pixels by 64 pixels LCD screen, and will be compatible with Android, Linux, Mac, OS X and Windows.

We look forward to the commercialization of this 100% French digital wallet, it remains to be seen if Archos will upset a market at this point!

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